21 February 2017

THINKING ABOUT... Healthy body, mind and soul

I've been battling a cold and generally have been feeling fatigued for a week yet I've still tried to keep up with my "routine." But this weekend, I threw up the white flag, listened to my body and surrendered. After enjoying three long days of deep rest, reading, eating nourishing and delish food (broke the 80-20 rule!), snuggling with Sweet P and the Sailor, taking a restorative yoga class and fitting in a couple of other invigorating outdoor sweat sessions, I'm feeling refreshed.

As moms, wives, daughter, sisters, we as women in general are concerned with taking care of others and other things. Whether it's rushing kids off to activities, prepping food for the family's meals, keeping the house tidy (forget about CLEAN!), fulfilling community obligations, so much of what we do is selfless.

But what do we do to care for ourselves? How do we show up for others when we aren't taking care of ourselves? Frazzled, worn out, distracted-- certainly not present and capable of listening to their real needs. We do what we're expected to do, usually on autopilot or out of habit. There's nothing mindful or intentional about our behavior.

What do you do to hit your 'reset' button so you can be your best self? Many things just take a moment to bring awareness, adjust your perspective and remind you to live with intention.

Here's a list of things that I've found work for me...
Please add your suggestions in the comments.  

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