07 March 2014

Peppermint Bliss

Whoa, this week has flown by. First week of March-- OVER, which means we're that much closer to Daylight Savings time and spring (March 20)! Whether the calendar date shows it's officially spring or not, who thinks we'll still have snow on the ground that day? I do! I can remember getting huge winter storms on St. Patty's Day in the past.

Anyway, more exciting than the "official" first day of spring, we're also that much closer to shamrock shake season! With 73 grams of sugar and over 500 calories in a small, the real shamrock shakes are definitely an indulgence though. Last year, I perfected the healthier "lean and green" shamrock shake, and I can't wait to make it again soon! 

Speaking of minty goodness without the guilt...you can pass by the girls outside the supermarket and politely decline when your co-workers try pushing over-priced boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I'm going to make these Paleo Thin Mints this weekend. I'm pretty sure that because they're "paleo," I can eat as many as I want...

T-G-I-F! Make it a good one!

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