15 March 2014

My bucket

Ever hear of How Full is Your Bucket? ...It's a quick read about the concept that our emotional reserves are filled or emptied based on human interactions, what others say and do to us. The goal is to practice the Golden Rule- Add to others' buckets in a positive manner, and focus on what's right. Maximize positive interactions to create positive energy that allows us to adjust, heal, be more productive and healthy.

 How Full is Your Bucket is part of my "Don't Jump" collection, as the Sailor calls the shelf of self-help books I've accumulated throughout the years. While we joke about the collection, many of those books do offer guidance that comes back to me when I most need it. This was a doozy of a week both personally and professionally...I had to use "my lid" more than once, meaning I had to stop, think through situations, and protect my inner peace from a lot of happiness-depleting bucket dipping.

After a morning of Pinterest therapy, a restorative gentle yoga class, a fun afternoon of shopping in Saratoga, and a nap, I'm finally starting to feel rested.

Pretty stuff helps too. Here are some of today's pins...


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