11 February 2014

Weekend Rewind: Lake Placid Getaway

Last weekend, the Sailor and I had a little getaway to Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid. On our way there, we stopped in Keene, just outside of LP for some snacks. Keene is a very residential, charming, small Adirondack town. There's no grocery store (unless you count the Stewart's mini-mart), but we did find a treasure- a bakery/market with a wine store next door. Genius.

We were in luck with the snacks! Cedar Run Bakery and Market had a cooler full of specialty sandwiches, quinoa, thai noodle salads, broccoli and bacon, take and bake casseroles and all kinds of cheese. After much deliberation, we chose a local mild swiss cheese and a creamy pesto, sun dried tomato spread along with some pita chips and flatbread crackers. And sardines. For the Sailor.  

The baked goods looked so delicious! Check out this menu of sweet treats! German chocolate brownies, double chocolate oatmeal cookies, walnut pear muffins, grasshopper cheesecake... 

Tucked behind Cedar Run was a little yoga studio, where there were a half-dozen yogis practicing on Friday evening. What a way to end the week!

I think owning a place like Cedar Run and the yoga studio would be a dream of simple living. The Sailor could prep and cook the food for the market. I could bake and do yoga.

We continued to make our way to Lake Placid, home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics, passing by the ski jump. So pretty at night! The Sailor, who's a huge fan of the Olympics (i.e. watches every night for hours) has been glued to Sochi 2014. I think the ski jump is one of the most impressive sports to watch -- The skiers look so high up in the air, but I read that they're never more than 20 feet from the ground. The scariest part though is that they can be going as fast as 80 mph!  

Now that I am on a tangent, did anyone see the women's figure skating competition? Julia Lipnitskaia was incredible! I was blown away by her talent at just 15.

Back to Placid, we checked in at the Mirror Lake Inn, one of our favorite spots, and headed over to a late-ish dinner at the Paradox Lodge.

Mirror Lake Inn
It was tough to leave the Mirror Lake Inn for the evening, but the dinner at the Paradox was everything we hoped. We stayed at the Paradox a couple of years ago when we visited LP and promised to come back to dine after seeing the menu and enjoying the delicious smells wafting throughout the place. 

We ended up sitting at the bar during dinner, which the Sailor loved. There's room for just two seats, so it was like having our own private dining room. The Sailor was able to watch what was happening in the kitchen, and we chatted with the chef/proprietor and his wife the whole time. The owner is a quirky, fun-loving guy with interesting stories of LP in years gone by.

 And he grills a mean steak! The menu is extensive, and the owner and his wife are committed to carefully choosing ingredients that are locally sourced when possible. I started with the wild boar sausage sauteed in onions and had the filet au poivre for my entree.

We spent Saturday lounging in front of the Inn's fireplace, walking in town and hanging out in the hot tub/pool area before having dinner at Taste Bistro and Bar at the Inn.

It was a warm weekend (relatively!) so we hit the slopes on Sunday. There have been weekends in LP where it's well below zero and just frigid with the windchill. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I HATE the cold, so I was psyched when the temps hit the mid 20's that day and we could spend a little time on the mountain. 


I enjoyed every minute of our getaway. My only regret is that it wasn't someplace tropical!

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