20 February 2014

Three Things Thursday

Three things I'm loving these days . . .

     Eucalyptus Tea Bath Wash 
This body wash has turned my mood around on many cold mornings this winter. It's been dark and miserable when I jump in the shower, but the eucalyptus scent is invigorating. I've even picked up a small bottle of eucalyptus essential oil to use in hot compresses. It's an effective natural decongestant for a stuffy nose and pain reliever for sinus pressure.  

      Big Girl Bedroom  
Loving the pink and gray combo that makes this room so feminine and serene. Julia Ryan of Pawley's Island Posh clearly put lots of love and care into decorating this room for her daughter, Wells. Don't miss the details-- my faves are the "You are my sunshine" calligraphy wall hanging and the curtains on the closet with the pom pom fringe! To view larger pics of Wells' room (and to see lots of other pretty stuff!), visit Pawleys Island Posh.

They're stretchy and breathable-- even more comfy than yoga pants in my opinion! And they're pretty flattering despite the photo. Put on a base layer and throw these on, and you will be warm enough for a winter hike. Chalk one up for the Sailor who found these pants when we were browsing at EMS in Lake Placid  a few weeks ago! 

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