29 August 2013

Latest Happenings, Fashion Finds and Tasty Treats

Keeping you up to speed...

New experience this week- I had acupuncture for the first time! Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures to correct imbalances in qi or life force by using needles to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue.

I'm a huge believer that energy medicine (reiki especially) is effective in treating certain conditions, and respected health organizations like the WHO and NIH have affirmed that acupuncture can be helpful in treating headaches, lower back pain, muscle spasms and drug addiction, among other ailments.

A friend had some encouraging results with acupuncture, so I made an appointment to try it for myself. Excited and eager to learn more, I watched a video of treatment ahead of time-- Mistake! Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

After filling out a health questionnaire and talking with the practitioner about my overall health, I laid on what looked like a massage table while he began inserting needles. There's very little discomfort when the needles go in-- a tiny pinch-- and no blood. The acupuncturist put about twenty needles in my hands, arms, abdomen, calves, feet and scalp and then turned on a small heat lamp.
The needles were in for about 45 minutes during which time I did surprisingly relax, and I'm going back for another round next week. 

Duck Dynasty Wear
I'm dreading the change in weather, but this JCrew camo vest will protect me from the chill of the early fall months. In traditional 'smart shopper' fashion, I took advantage of this week's 25% off sale and free shipping, which required spending at least $150...The camo vest was just short of that, so I bought a tres chic (tres bo-ring) black turtleneck sweater to get the discount. C'mon-- tell me that other people don't do the same?! Getting something on "sale" means everything! 

In addition to it being on "sale," I thought I'd justify it by telling the Sailor that I'm just getting into the spirit of hunting season here in the northeast and the new season of Duck Dynasty. 

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream
Impulse buy at the supermarket. I was starving by the time my acupuncture appointment ended, and I made the mistake of going to the supermarket with a grumbling tummy. I couldn't resist the Friendly's Coffee Cookie Crumble calling to me from the freezer case, but I have no regrets, no guilt! Even the Sailor, who doesn't suffer from a sweet tooth like I do, enjoyed every sinful spoonful!  

Hooray for one more day 'til the long weekend! 


  1. acupuncture is not the only solution for back pain problems. yoga and exercise is a natural way and can be a good back pain treatment.

  2. I hope your results and positive feedback to acupuncture would encourage someone else to try it too! Acupuncture has always been relieving, regardless of the degree of severity of the pain or ailment you have. Waylon@USHealthWorks.com/Oakland-CenterInfo.html