02 December 2012

Catching Up

It's been awhile. Between the Thanksgiving festivities and then battling the second (yes, second one already)  fierce cold of the season, I haven't had a whole lot of energy to blog or really do much of anything. But I'm back in the groove today with a few fun things to report.

Better late than never!
The delicious spread the Sailor made for Thanksgiving.

I'm a winner! I recently won a set of notecards in a giveaway from Bliss & Tell Branding. You all know how much I love stationary, so I was super psyched when I found out I was a winner. And, even better, it was totally out of the blue! Everyone who subscribes to the Bliss & Tell blog was automatically entered in the giveaway. The cards were designed in watercolor by Anna Pryor, proprietor of Yours Truly. Check out her Etsy store here!

I joined the Sweet Tooth Sweet Life Closeout Workout Challenge. 2,012 reps of 2-5 different exercises by Jan. 1, 2013. I just started today, so I have a little catching up to do! And, boy, that means a LOT of reps between now and Dec. 31.

Here are some of the exercises I'll be doing-- Lots to choose from, so I can mix it up: 

jumping jacks
high knees
butt jumps
mountain climbers
plie squats
chair dips

Seems like it's attainable, thanks to Sweet Tooth blogger Courtney's encouragement, "Since 2,012 is a hefty amount of reps (it averages out to about 64 reps per day!) I figured it’d be a little easier to allow you all to choose the reps for more than one exercise. Plus, with choosing your own exercises, you can make it as difficult or easy as you’d like. When you think about it that way…if you choose 5 exercises, that’s really only about 13 reps of each exercise, each day."

I'm a brunette! For years and years, I tried to achieve the perfect shade of blond. At times, it was a success-- usually when I spent a small fortune on base color, highlights and low lights at the salon. Other times, not so bombshell blond-- usually when I couldn't stand looking at the dark roots anymore and grabbed a box of DIY dye at the drugstore. At the beginning of the fall, I started thinking about going au naturel or as close as I could get to my natural color (Wait- Do I even remember what that shade looked like???). And I mustered up the confidence this past week. So, after four hours at the salon, here it is:

I definitely have to take care of the new 'do after all the time, effort and money spent, so I stocked up on Living Proof Restore products, which I first wrote about here.

So, there's the update on what I've been doing lately. What I haven't done however is Christmas shopping. Not on Black Friday or even on CyberMonday. Off to do that now!

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