09 October 2012


Do you think it's true that everyone has a "twin" walking around?

There have been a couple of occasions in the past when Facebook asks people replace their profile pics with whatever star they're told that they resemble. I love checking out the similarities between people I know and their celeb "twin."

When I walked into the coffee shop one day last week, the guy behind the counter said I look just like a woman who guest starred on NCIS. Not being a big t.v. watcher, I had to Google her. It's a new one to me. Andrea Robinson.

I've also heard that I look like Julie Bowen (Claire from "Modern Family")....which reminds me I've already missed two episodes this season. She's 5' 6"- Jealous! What I'd give for two inches!  

And, perhaps, the most flattering of all- Carolyn Murphy, once the face of Estee Lauder and one of the world's top earning models. It's a stretch, but ...maybe I just need a little airbrushing???

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