21 January 2017

Inauguration Fashion Files

If you missed (or boycotted) the inauguration and somehow haven't seen any media coverage of the event, here's what everyone's all abuzz about...

Melanie's absolutely stunning sky-blue cashmere monochromatic dress complete with gloves and shoes to match by none other than Ralph Lauren, who incidentally also dressed HRC for the event. Indeed very Jackie-O.

The new FLOTUS is sure to become a style icon... although I thought her inauguration ball gown was just meh.

Skipping the politics and focusing solely on the frivolous parts of the whole affair... My FAVORITE look of all the inauguration events was Ivanka's Oscar de la Renta green dress. Say what you want about the new President, but Ivanka appears to be a class act-- a hard working professional, who's thoughtful and intelligent, and a dedicated wife and mom with a big heart. I'm excited to see the big things that she's going to do as first daughter and have already pre-ordered Women Who Work

" I’ve been fortunate to be able to build my career around my passions, from real estate to fashion. But my professional titles only begin to describe who I am and what I value. I’m an executive and an entrepreneur, but I’m also—and just as importantly—a wife, mother, daughter and friend. To me, “work” encompasses my efforts to succeed in all of these areas." 

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