13 January 2017

Design Crush: Studio McGee

It's been awhile since I wrote a design post, but boy is this one worth it!!! I've long been a fan of Gen and Ben Shor of Pencil and Paper, Julie Richards of Shelter and have been tearing through Emily Henderson's Style, which I received for Christmas. But Studio McGee (McGee & Company, the shop) is a new addition to my list of favorites. Some of their rooms make my heart go pitter-patter!

Since having Sweet P -- who's now into jumping on furniture -- my philosophy about home interiors has changed. Pretty has taken a backseat to practicality. We've made very few changes or updates to the house other than the outdoor patio due to a few reasons. The lack of time. Why bother? More to clean, more to maintain. And lots of disposable income now goes to daycare (aka "the Lodge"- it makes me feel better on days when I feel like a terrible mom for having someone else raise my kid).

Studio McGee inspires me though. Everything is so clean and modern.

Wish my home office was as organized as this area!

When taking down the Christmas decorations this weekend and replacing them with our everyday tchotchke, I tried to adhere to the principle: If you don't love it, don't pack it away. Don't put it back out... Once the everyday clutter is removed, really consider whether it's something you miss and love. If not, get rid of it. I've done exceptionally well at downsizing, one of last year's goals. And I intend to keep working at cleaning stuff out and staying organized.

Along those lines, have you seen Organized in a Box? It's a box filled with little containers, a To Do list pad and a Playbook that gives actionable steps for getting organized. Yes, please!

But back to Studio McGee...This funky tile and bleached wood with shiplap covered walls-- gorgeous!

Painting the walls a deep navy is SUCH a bold move, something I never would have dared in such a narrow room. But it works with the bright white curtains and built ins on one wall. The pop of color in the pillows and the funky chair is essential. 

Here's a space that's a little more rustic than most of the McGee rooms. The shiplap and buffalo plaid make it super cozy. I'd love to sit here, drink my coffee and read the paper or blogs with light streaming through the windows in the morning.

Again, here's a room with VERY dark walls in a small space. And killer tile. The brass fixtures work here to bring in warmth. Have to admit I'm still a fan of chrome though! 

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful (long) weekend! 

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