11 May 2016

Serenity for Sweet P: Nursery Reveal

Thanks to the Sailor and Sweet P for making my first Mother's Day so special! They supplemented my big gift (a treadmill) with lots of thoughtful little presents from Pippa and this gorgeous flower arrangement. I was so surprised to see a wood vase like the one on my wish list! I love the romantic blooms with the rustic, earthy-ness of the vase.

Our day was filled with family togetherness. We hosted a brunch for our moms and extended family, so it wasn't exactly relaxing. But the Sailor did more than his share of work prepping and cooking all the food while I cooked and cleaned. After entertaining for many holidays now, we have a pretty good handle on organizing everything and dividing responsibilities. Add a little one into the mix though... and it becomes a little more complicated! So, I didn't get any photos except for the Sailor doing his thing with the Big Green Egg. 

He cooked Smoked Maple Bourbon Glaze Ham using this recipe from Waiting on Martha. It's the second time that he's cooked ham this way, and it was out-of-this-world good both times! 

Today, I'm sharing my favorite space in our home, Sweet P's nursery.  (She's also affectionately called P-Funk and just P). It's bright and whimsical with coral and a pop of lime leopard print. Sweet P's nursery is the space formerly occupied by our "office,"and the biggest change in the redesign involved swapping out the dark green wall to wall carpet for some beautiful dark hardwood floors. Boy did I struggle with incorporating that carpet into some design plan when we first moved in!


I wish that I had taken more photos of the room in progress. But in the midst of working with contractors last spring and summer, my sole focus was on getting it done! I didn't appreciate the little improvements that happened in this room week by week. As you can see, I FINALLY was able to use wallpaper, which I'd been dying to do since we first moved into our house. I obsessed over this Julia Rothman Daydream paper available from Hygge and West that I wrote about here and used that as my inspiration for the room. We didn't want to close in the nursery with a large pattern since the room is already pretty small. So hanging the paper at the top of the walls above a chair rail was the perfect solution.


The bottom half of the walls under the chair rail are painted Valspar winter amethyst.

I knew that these french tassel window panels from Serena and Lily would give the room the feminine boho feel that I wanted to capture. The crib also has a matching skirt in coral ('punch') with a violet border. The drapes are on sale now


And I found these swirly curtain rods and finials that match the clouds in the wallpaper almost perfectly! 



The glider is a custom order. We searched high and low for the perfect piece..Four trips to the store, several calls to the fabric mills and a loooooong wait were worth it. Lime leopard print. It is the piece de resistance I believed it would be when we started designing the room.

moroccan leather pouf works as an ottoman for the glider. The rugs are just faux sheepskin throws that I found at Home Goods. I had an area rug in mind, but the decided that I didn't want to cover the hardwood floors once we ripped up the green carpet and had the floor installed.

The bottom shelf of Sweet P's nightstand holds these brightly colored Land of Nod Build Me Up Boats Puzzle Blocks, a tribute to the Sailor's favorite past time.

I found this adorable little dish at Target to serve as a coaster for my coffee mug during the early morning feedings.

We moved Sweet P to a crib about two months ago, when she began outgrowing her rock n play. It broke my heart to move her into her own bedroom, but she does get to sleep in a crib fit for a princess. The high post iron star finial crib came from family. Three of Sweet P's cousins used it, and it's in perfect shape. No teeth marks...yet! 

It didn't take long for P to learn how to pull herself up to a standing position in the crib, and teething means that she's chewing on everything... 

Serena and Lily Kite Crib Sheet

Serena and Lily was my go-to source for many things in the room. They have the most luxurious sheet sets-- In addition to the kite crib sheets in the pattern above, P also has the peony cut circle crib sheet. Neither pattern is available for a crib anymore, but I have my eye on the king size aqua cut circle sheets for our bed! 

We selected this Bellacor capiz shell pendant that we had the electrician put on a dimmer switch- it's key so we don't stumble around in darkness at night! However, it's definitely not bright enough for the room even when fully "on."  

The Vanderbilt three drawer dresser has beautiful ornate details on the brass pulls and the edges of the drawers.

The baby D banner was a handmade shower gift along with the most beautiful matching quilt. You can spot it hanging on the railing through the doorway in the photo above. I hope I can muster the courage to hang the quilt and some other things on the walls at some point. I'm worried about putting holes in the wallpaper in the wrong place.

We had built in shelving and drawers added to Sweet P's closet, which makes it easy to keep everything well organized...for now at least!

Most of Sweet P's books fit on the bookshelf in the open closet and on a shelf that we have downstairs. But I'm certain as her library grows, we will need more storage. I'm in love with this acrylic bookshelf from Land of Nod that designer extraordinaire Erin Gates used in her Henry's nursery.

Whew. That was a long read! Thanks for sticking with me. The Sailor and I are both thrilled with the way the nursery turned out, and most importantly, I think it's a happy place for P.

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