29 April 2016

No Longer Incommunicado

I've been thinking about this for awhile now...It's time to resume blogging. But even though I've been mulling it over for several weeks (maybe even months) now, I have major anxiety as I sit down to write, similar to what I experienced five plus years ago when I first began Serendipity and the Sailor.

This blog post on less talk, more action spoke to me when I read it earlier this week and gave me the courage to hit "Publish." Be your own Leading Lady and Create Massive Action.

"You know where I get stuck?  Massive Action.  You know, actually creating something.  Painting in my new art studio instead of sitting inside pinning images of beautiful art studios.  Scrolling through instagram instead of posting a photo on instagram.  Making mock-up business cards and logos in photoshop instead of actually turning in my real estate paperwork to DPOR and making my license official.  Looking at someone else's writing or blog post instead of writing my own.  Now, these may all be examples that you can't directly relate to.  Not everyone needs to write or blog or paint or sell real estate.  But I'm guessing you can fill in the blanks with your own life." 

I can hardly believe that it's been so long since I last posted -- and I worry if the creative juices will start to flow, if I'll be able to write about topics of interest, if I'll have the time and energy to be back at it. So please be kind, dear readers (all five of you!), and thanks for checking in.

Life looks a whole lot different now that we're Serendipity and the Sailor plus One. I expected that I would pick up blogging again shortly after Sweet P's birth and blog all the time while on maternity leave. Riiiiiggghttt, in ALL of that FREE time new moms have while caring for a newborn.

I've had lots of time to think about the direction I want to take and plan what's in store for the blog. You can expect to see a layout refresh, and as far as content, I'm going to offer some giveaways, try to participate in some bloggie pen pal exchanges (What ever did happen to those???), write honest product reviews and invite some guest bloggers to post. I'll continue to share healthy recipes, happenings, favorite things, party and entertaining ideas, crafts, home projects and of course, there will be an all new dimension that includes my experiences being a mother.

While I'm working on my first "real" post (spoiler alert: Sweet P's nursery reveal), here's a round up of a few links that have captured my interest lately...

Eat, Drink & Be Merry:
Half Baked Harvest
Ever since I stumbled upon this website, I look forward to Tieghan's posts in my inbox every morning- I am amazed at her creativity and ability to make a recipe that, at the very least, is foodie mag photo worthy every single day.

While the Sailor and I haven't tried many of her recipes yet, there's a long list of cooking goodness that awaits us. We can attest to the fact that the Cuban Mojo Pork is delish. It's a bit time consuming, so plan accordingly for this weekend meal. But it leaves lots of leftovers. And make a double batch of the mojo sauce.

Dying to try this summery 15 minute zucchini pasta with poached eggs and heirloom cherry tomato basil sauce next. I need a spiralizer in my life.

Five Stages of Diet Coke Addiction
It's real. My vice is Coke Zero. Guilty. Stage 5.

Health and Fitness:

72 Greatest Running Tips 
For me, these were great reminders... Don't Crush the Butterfly: Clenching builds unnecessary tension that leads to discomfort and energy loss,  and boy does #30 hit home these days. A short run is better than none.

Infertility: You're Not Alone
It's National Infertility Awareness Week, and many blogs including Refinery 29 have dedicated extensive space to raising the quality of conversation and understanding around the sensitive topic. It's a struggle for so many women I know, and we need to give all the support and love we can for one another.

Fashion & Beauty:
This Dyson Blow Dryer is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen
Can't beat my Dyson vacuum cleaner. But the $400 price tag on this dryer is a leeettttle steep. Even if it is "supersonic" or quieter than average.

These Ghillie Lace Up Sandals are perfect for a fancy summer soiree. Thank goodness that they're out of stock in my size. Wearing high heels while toting around an infant is an accident waiting to happen for this not-so-coordinated momma. The lace up sandals selection at Asos is just.so.good and at price points that wouldn't make me feel guilty for spending money on something trendy that I won't often wear.

Happy Fri-yay!!!

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