25 November 2014

Give Back with Gaia

Just popping in for a quick update. I've had computer problems galore, so posts have been few and far between lately. I couldn't miss the chance to tell you about an inspiring company/cause that I recently found though. 

GAIA is a Dallas based company that employs resettled refugees who make beautiful accessories from vintage and recycled fabric.


"The name "GAIA" – meaning "Goddess of the Earth" – was chosen as a way to honor all women, from the ones who craft GAIA products to those who purchase or receive them." 

The founder, Paula Minnis, started the company after mentoring a Burmese woman through the International Rescue Committee. Love a good social entrepreneur story! But what's even more inspiring are the stories of the women who have survived terrible atrocities and have come to the US to start new lives. GAIA is a means to empower these women through meaningful employment and financial independence.  Check out the site for unique handbags, jewelry and textiles for yourself or to gift! 

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