07 August 2012

Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

After lots of pleading, the Sailor agreed to go with me to the Allman Brothers concert last weekend.

Me wearing a shirt that's ten years old, a classic!
I DEFINITELY needed to buy a band t-shirt.

I argued that it had been four years since we've been to a concert, and life is just passing us by. So he said okay. But he probably didn't want to go because of this-- massive traffic jam and big crowds:

Oh, plus it rained (And I mean total downpour) all day, so our lawn seats were looking less and less appealing as the day went on. But by early evening, the skies cleared and we had an absolutely beautiful night for an outdoor concert.

We started off with a pretty high-class tailgate picnic. There was a time when I would run out to a gourmet market to grab food for events, but this time it was all homemade goodness.

Beet salad (of course) with feta and orange; deviled eggs; and tarragon chicken salad, washed down with Tito's and club (no fruit, thank you). An award-winning vodka from San Antonio, Texas, Tito's is "a pure premium vodka" that became a bar cart staple after the Sailor read rave reviews in Saveur.

Annnd, the best part is that the master distiller's name is Tito Beveridge. We once worked with a contractor whose name was Leo Carpenter. Call me crazy, but I think that it's destiny when names describe a person's craft. Those are the people who love their jobs.

Enough from me. Listen and enjoy the few seconds of greatness I was able to capture!!!

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