31 July 2012

Magic Carpet Ride

I've been seeing exquisitely detailed, embroidered textiles everywhere lately...  Maybe not everywhere, but Home Goods and Pottery Barn. So it might as well be everywhere. And maybe it just seems that my eyes are fixed on all of the beautiful, ethnic, jewel-toned fabrics everywhere  because the eclectic-boho side of me wants to add a colorful area rug a la suzani-style to our new living room...

Suzani, meaning "needlework," are traditional textiles from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other areas of Central Asia, embroidered with birds, sun and moon patterns, flowers and vines. The patterns and colors tend to be pretty bold, so whatever piece of furniture is covered in the fabric is often the focal point of the room where it's used. 


Isn't this a beautiful setting for a garden party with global flair?

The ethnic fabrics work well with a neutral palette and can really brighten up a room by adding pops of color. 


Used as a wall-hanging, the suzani is a bit reminiscent of college-dorm tapestries but far more exotic...

There are so many visually stimulating patterns and objects in this bedroom. It's amazing that the suzani, chandelier, ikat pillows, gilded picture frame and metallic lamps work together to create an eclectic boho haven.

How about this sitting area? Perfection. A jewel-tone Suzani patterned fabric chair with nail heads (love) and Moroccan style lantern. 

While I'm on the off-beat, one-of-a-kind kick, I'll share this latest addition to my wish list... a walnut headboard.

So glad Monday is down! Happy Tuesday!

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