27 October 2010

Green With Envy

During my "sabbatical"/ fun-employment/extended vacation/ period of pure bliss, I've spent a lot of time rejuvenating, exploring my creative side and trying to redecorate our humble abode. That means, I've spent countless hours looking for inspiration from designers on The Decor Diary, Studio Ten 25, Charm Home, and Design Refuge.

I guess it's a little late to start a new career as an interior designer, so I'll have to tuck these ideas for kelly green rooms  away in my imaginary professional portfolio for my next life.

Christi Holcombe, owner of Charm Home in Atlanta recently designed this living room :

Check out the contrast of the black and white and green and white tile in this bathroom of the Viceroy Santa Monica by design's ultimate trendesetter Kelly Wearstler.

Here's a more traditional look for the living room from Tobi Fairley. Love the bold. Hate the gold.

Meg Braff's cheetah print carpet and geometric rug are perfectly paired to create great texture in this room.  

Celerie Kimble (Yes, her name really is Celerie) decorated these rooms recently featured in the incredible ezine Lonny Magazine.

More from Lonny. (The green is subtle in the zigzag wallpaper and pillows). Wouldn't you love a closer look into that closet? I wish MY closet was that organized... oh, and I also wish I had a dressing room. Any dressing room. It wouldn't even have to be this pretty.

And, if I lived in one of these houses, you could find this outfit hanging in my closet:

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