26 October 2010

Fall Fun at Friends Lake Inn

Busy weekend! Pumpkin carving... We finally figured out that, if you don't have small children or many trick-or-treaters, mini pumpkins work just as well for jack-o-lanterns.

Hard at work carving.

The final product--a simple smiley face.

And we had dinner at Friends Lake Inn on Saturday night with A and O, our dear friends who set us up on a blind date. An elegant country inn with a highly acclaimed restaurant, where the chef uses fresh, local ingredients, Friends Lake Inn is "perfection without pretense."

We started with the Artisan Cheese Platter. 
Drunken Goat, a Spanish cheese soaked in wine to give it a violet rind. Mild and creamy finish with a tangy sweetness.

Kunik, a creamy, buttery combination of goat and cow milk made at Nettle Meadow Farm in Thurman, New York.

Epoisses, described on the menu as luscious, succulent and oozing-- More like runny and stinky, the Epoisses had the flavor of a barnyard and was positively revolting! Apparently, it's ripened in humid cellars. Wish we had known that before ordering it.

Appetizers:Braised Elk Cannelloni with dark chocolate demi glace and shallots. Delicious!
Roasted Beet Salad with frisee, chevre, pumpkin seed and fig molasses.

Entrees:Roasted Acorn Squash filled with caramelized scallops, tiger shrimp and Prince Edward Island mussels, vanilla bean corn cream sauce with potatoes, corn and steamed leeks. These flavors were so rich and went together perfectly!

Needless to say, after the decadent feast, bellyaches from eating too much and pangs of guilt for finishing off the meal with Bananas Foster, we're back on the week night routine of going to the gym and eating a diet of grilled chicken and salad.

Since our tropical honeymoon to Nevis is only a mere three months away, I better learn some portion control and step up the workouts. Maybe it's time to order the P90x home workout too. With almost 500 five-star reviews on Amazon, it's bound to work...

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