09 May 2017

Weekend Activities and Entertaining a Toddler

Good morning, friends! I've been missing in action the past couple of weeks for good reason! There have been a million and one blog post ideas running through my head but just not enough hours in the day to keep up! So...here's a photo dump to catch up on what's been happening!

We played tourists in Saratoga this weekend-- which was a total bust! We intended to see a performance of the Spa City Ballet and listen to Mother Goose nursery rhymes at the library, but we arrived a little late and missed the whole performance. Pip had fun playing in the kids' room anyway.

We were going to go on the carousel after the library, but then we found out that it doesn't open until next weekend. Not all was a loss though!

Then like all suburban families on Saturday afternoon, we made the weekly trip to Target for the essentials (and non-essentials, of course). I had to pick up gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day TODAY! Between traveling for work last week and crafting for Mother's Day presents, I didn't have time to come up with a cute handmade gift idea for the teachers, so....gift cards it is! And I'm embracing my #momfail with this funny card holder from Chick-a-Bug. Sometimes you just have to do what works.

Last weekend, we visited Burlington, Vermont, where we toured the Sailor's alma mater and checked out the ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.

We didn't do nearly all of the exhibits or activities, but it was still a world of fun for Pippa-- and kids of all other ages. Most of the exhibits and events are geared toward older elementary age children, but there's an interactive wonder room "Champ Lane" with a tree house, water table, little science lab, mini street scape with a market and cafe, and boats to climb in and explore. Pip loved the Butterfly Room too!

We're very lucky that Pippa has really creative teachers at KidzLodge, and the class has themed sensory activities every week. I think I sometimes overcompensate for not being around all the time and being the one to teach her everything, so I try to extend the lessons and come up with more related content on the weekends. This weekend, we practiced stomping like dinosaurs and learned new dino songs. Meh. Some activities are better than others. I have to give credit where credit is due though-- Dad knocked it out of the park by drawing GIANT dinos in chalk on the driveway. The man surprises me with his talent! Earth Day activities were a hit a couple of weekends ago too. P bounced from one arts and crafts project to the next after I found endless ideas online. And the highlight was planting herbs, sweet peas and beans that have already started to sprout! Bring on the spring weather!

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