16 September 2016

Toes in the Sand...I wish!

Fall is on its way! Everyone celebrates the coming of the season with posts about PSL and cute autumn decor, but it means that the cold weather will be here soon. That is my LEAST favorite part of the changing of the seasons. I seem to be chilled from late-September through March every year. Upstate New York/New England is not the region for this girl!

I can't say that I get excited about wearing cozy sweaters and pretty scarves, and I've become much more practical than fashionable when it comes to selecting my cold-weather wear as the years pass. Last year, I invested in a new long down coat...It's really like a sleeping bag with arms. And after searching high and low for a pair of winter boots, I finally got these.  I considered the Sorel Joan of Arctic and Tofino, but I decided on the Blondo's because of the zipper feature and countless awesome reviews that praised the boot for being lightweight, waterproof, warm and comfortable. The verdict-- They're simply the best boots I've ever owned.

I spent a ton of time doing research on my winter boots last fall while I was on maternity leave. Now that my time is much more limited-- rather I don't have nearly as much  any time to shop-- I am just going to go with the tried and true LL Bean boots to replace my former favorite fall footwear, the Hunter boots. They're okay for rain, but they're not warm enough regardless of what kind of socks I wear. So the question is which pair of Bean boots to get? Thinsulate/Goretex or shearling lined? Recommendations appreciated!

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