16 December 2014

Get It Done: Circuit Workout

The truth...I haven't been into running at all lately. At. All. Forget running outside. It's dark out before I go to work and dark when I get home. Add to that freezing temps, mountains of snow and slick road conditions, and running outside isn't an option. And let me tell you, it's been a real struggle to get through even three miles a few times a week these days. Maybe it's the weather and being stuck inside. Maybe it's the love/hate relationship I have with running, and I'm just in an off-cycle now.

So I decided to mix things up last week and do some circuit/ HIIT exercises. It was a last minute decision one evening (errrr-- bailed on the gym after getting dressed and seeing the newly fallen six inches of snow on the ground), so I pulled out the yoga mat, a towel and 8 lb. dumb bells and got to it. 45 minutes later, I was sweating buckets and out of breath. Not a bad way to reach fitness goals for the day!

5 walkouts
3 military push-ups
10 kettlebell swings (dumb bell swings)
30 second split jacks
5 standard push ups
45 seconds high knees
15 seconds butt kicks
10 cross body wood chops with dumb bells
Repeat three times

10 squats (no weight)
20 skaters on each side
10 donkey kicks
20 mountain climbers on each side
10 lawnmowers with dumb bell
10 standing overhead presses
Repeat three times

2 Turkish get ups on each side
Yoga sequence: Downdog, 3 legged dog, low lunge/Warrior 1, bring your feet together, swan dive to standing forward bend, forward half bend, plank to chaturanga
3 burpees
12 side to side twists with dumb bell
3 military push ups
30 second plank hold
Repeat three times

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