01 August 2014

Design Crush: Meredith Miller

I haven't seen a home that I've been this excited about since-- well, EVER before. Seriously. I just stumbled upon Meredith Miller's home featured on Society Social and Glitter Guide  this spring and cannot even find the words to convey how much I love this place! With bold colors, layered patterns, hints of metallic and a combo of contemporary and traditional pieces, it's eclectic and fun. Makes me want to do some dressing up of things over at our abode!

Months ago, the Sailor painted the walls going up our staircase navy as I requested...and I've been saying I want to do a gallery wall but just haven't put it together yet. Now I'm tempted to add white stripes and paint the banister white too!

Look at this room! Green (actually 'mint julep')  is such a bold choice, but it works. And the combos of patterns-- so courageous!

Meredith is a woman after my own heart- I spy animal prints galore... 

Confirmed. I need poufs in my life. The silver transforms what otherwise could be a traditional fireplace setting and adds more seating, which is critical for a couple who like to entertain. 

This blue and white bedroom inspires me to add some more color to our mainly white guest room. I love the serenity of  an all white room, but after seeing this spot, I think more blue accents will add some punch in our guest room. 

One of my favorite colors is tangerine, and apricot is just a shade off. The combo of aqua with apricot is so cheerful! Don't miss the accents- the Society Social bar cart, Greek key pillows and sheep skin throw on the couch.

Pink and green- can't get enough! 

I can picture myself here in this little breakfast nook, soaking in the sun while enjoying coffee and reading the paper on a Sunday...Scratch that, I'll be dreaming about the ways I'd spend time in this little corner of heaven any day of the week.

Mosey on over to Society Social and the Glitter Guide to check out more full size pics of Meredith and her fiance's super fab pad!

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