13 June 2012

Fashion 911

I adore Jennifer Aniston. But I just can't fathom what's been going through her mind since she's been dating Justin Theroux. Her wardrobe has gone from fabulous to frumpy (at best). Some call it "edgy"...I just don't think so.

And WHAT is with the jeans she wore earlier this week in Paris, of all places? I'm all for comfort when traveling, but this ensemble is horrendous. Did Jen pack in haste and have to borrow Justin's jeans? It's not hammer-time.

Those drop-crotch jeans are a fashion "don't." Look at these "before" shots of Jen in jeans-- She rocks the classic bootcut with her perfectly proportioned figure.

Maybe it's time to call in the stylists who select her red carpet gowns to help with the everyday casual looks. They always get it right!

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