20 March 2012

New finds at Old Navy

I usually don't hit Old Navy when I'm shopping, but Maryland Pink and Green's post about a $25 chevron striped sundress drove me right to their website to hunt for that dress and other bargains. It's just in time for this unbelievably warm weather, which has made me start thinking about my spring wardrobe...or lack thereof. Hel-lo 78 degrees! Hope you're here to stay!

I've wanted to try the belted dress look for some time now. I think that this navy belt and simple fuchsia tunic are bright and fun-- great to wear to a backyard picnic or even to work on a casual day.

This navy and white layered dress is a steal at $33!

Dots are in this season! This cute top comes in a variety of colors-- although I prefer the classic navy. It's pretty versatile and can be paired with a white denim skirt, red shorts, or yellow capris for a few different looks.

Now for the skinny colored jeans...frankly, I am far too old to be wearing this trendy style...and I doubt that they'd be very flattering. But I think they're so much fun, and I really wish I could pull them off-- especially since they're on sale for $19!

Old Navy's offering 10% off until tomorrow, so hurry on over!

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