12 September 2011

4th Annual Pig Roast

The Sailor's 4th Annual Pig Roast went off without a hitch again this year. Every year, the party grows bigger and so does the pig -- 120 pounds of hog on the pit on Saturday.

We have lots of leftovers... More specifically, three giant vats of coleslaw, 4 dozen rolls, and ten pounds of pork. So, I think I'll be making some of the Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork that Puttin' on the Grits wrote about earlier this month. Doesn't this make your mouth water?

Talk about BRILLIANT- I never would have thought to put pickles on there. Yummmmmmmy! 

Despite having soccer balls, can jam, and horseshoes to play with, the kids at the party had the most fun riding a rusty old tricycle that belonged to the Sailor -- and belonged to his Mom before that.

Imagine that thing sqeaking with every push of the pedal for hours on end. Finally, the Sailor (who I am convinced can fix anything) thought to put some rifle oil on it since we didn't have any WD-40 handy. Ahhh, relief! He's so resourceful. More on that later...

I was thrilled that old friends and new made the trek out to the woods for the party. My childhood friends came with their seven week old baby, who's absolutely beautiful. And I don't think that just because of her namesake!

With Baby Erin at three weeks old

My parents were among the distinguished guests at the party. My mom brought one of her specialty desserts and one of my favorite sweets-- Creme De Menthe Brownies. Yes, another mint chocolate concoction that I can't resist!
And my specialty dish? I put on my chef's hat and sprang into action to make baked ziti. Easy enough, right? Well, in true domestically disabled fashion, I forgot to pre-heat the oven at the Sailor's mom's house, where I was cooking. Running late, as always, I set it to pre-heat for just a few minutes, before I tried to bake the ziti.

Luckily, my incompetence in the kitchen paid off because, when I opened the oven door, there were two small fires! I slammed the door shut quickly in a panic. I don't cook enough to know how to handle these kinds of crises! Fortunately, the fires went out without too much further drama. I later learned that the Sailor's Mom had sprayed oven cleaner in there and had forgotten to wipe it out. Whooops!

Another typical "It only happens to me" situation...On my way home after the party clean-up on Sunday, I managed to get my SUV stuck in the mud behind the camp. Like really stuck. I couldn't even drive out by putting it in four-wheel drive. The wheels just spun and mud was flying everywhere.

Once again, the Sailor came to the rescue. He was able to tow my car out with The Beast, his old, beater Tahoe (with 210,000 miles plus) that he refuses to trade-in. [I promise I'll stop saying bad things about it about it now.] Wouldn't have been a true hill-billy weekend without having gone muddin'!

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