10 January 2011

Winter Wonderland

Wish I could look like this when we're spending the weekend in the Adirondacks! Amanda Brooks has amazing style, as featured in December's's Vogue. Check out the Buffalo print plaid. Love it!

What a warm welcome to a gorgeous Adirondack cabin style home!


This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon sipping cocoa and watching the snow fall...


Cut down the trees and two-thirds of all the beauty of this region would depart. And how solemn it is to move all day through a majestic colonnade of trees and feel that you are in a boundless cathedral whose organ notes swell and die away with the passing wind like some grand requiem. Still more exciting is it to lie at midnight by your campfire and watch the moon sailing up amid the trees or listen to the cry of the loon, wild and lonely, on the wild and lonely lake, or the hoot of the owl in the deep recesses of the forest.
Joel T. Headly

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