16 November 2010

Post "Post Time"

Zenyatta made me remember why I first fell in love with horseracing. After nineteen wins, Zenyatta came up short of a perfect record at the Breeders Cup earlier this month. Some called it a devastating defeat by a horse named Blame. The loss should not however go down as a disappointment. Zenyatta has brought more fans to the sport than any other horse in the last two decades and has restored the glory to the "sport of kings" (And queens!)

Not only is she an elite athlete and a majestic beauty, but everyone that has been around Zenyatta says she is so charismatic and has the sweetest temperament. Whether performing her little dance routine, prancing and pawing around before races or posing for endless photos, she's more than happy to entertain her fans.

The debate is now whether or not she deserves to win Horse of the Year. I think that this is a Horse of a Lifetime.

Owner Ann Moss said it beautifully, "She shows you how to live. She's having a good time, she gives her best, and she's having fun. I wish I felt like that every day. It's a beautiful inspiration for living your life."

Here's to the horse that drinks Guiness after workouts, has more than 13,000 Facebook fans and made O Magazine's Power List.  She's one incredible thoroughbred.

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