27 May 2016

Fitness Friday: 20 Minute Killer Circuit

It's probably no surprise that working out has looked a lot different for me since Sweet P's arrival. Gone are the days of spending hours at the gym or running for miles. I'm all about efficiency these days, which is the reason I am loving speedy twenty to thirty minute circuit workouts.

I'm bringing back Fitness Friday with a killer full body circuit.  I have several workouts saved to my Fitness Motivation Pinterest board, but I usually just make up a routine on the fly using exercises from my days of working with a personal trainer and reading stacks of health and fitness magazines.

You just need some stairs and one or two sets of dumb bells to get this done. Perform each exercise for one minute. No rest between exercises. Two to three minute rest between sets. (Click on the links for demos of each exercise).

Toe Taps on Stairs or Box
Plank Walks
Chest Press
Mountain Climbers
Alternating Lunges
Dumbbell Lawnmower Pulls
Side Shuffle with Toe Tap
Side Lunge with Curtsy
Stiff Leg Single Deadlift

It's almost the weekend! Make it a great one, and a huge thanks to all of the military members who served!

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