04 May 2016

Time Flies:: My Super Power Wish

Mother's Day is coming up in just a few days, and it means more to me this year than ever before.
I can honestly say that I celebrate being a mom every day though.  I have cherished (nearly) every second.

There were lots of moments early on when Sweet P would be sleeping contentedly in my arms and I'd stare into her perfect little round angel face. It was pure bliss and easy to embrace my new role as a mother. But even during the hours of bouncing on the exercise ball trying to ease P's colicky cries, the long (lonely and painful) nights of pumping every two hours, and the mental exhaustion of worrying I was going to break the baby, I appreciated how blessed I am to have Sweet P.

With each passing month, I watch Sweet P grow and am in constant awe of her new skills and the way that she looks at the world with such wonder. She's developing quite the little personality-- or rather BIG personality-- and she's learning to express herself by smiling with her whole face and wrinkling her nose, grunting with frustration, excitedly waving her hands and kicking her feet, giggling and laughing with delight and stubbornly balling up her fists.

I find myself often saying with eager anticipation I can't wait until... she smiles. I can't wait until... P crawls. I can't wait until... she can talk. But the truth is if I could choose my own super power, it would be the ability to stop time and preserve Sweet P at each stage. Many cliches about parenthood ring true but "Time Flies" is the one that hits me the hardest.  When I first had Sweet P, a friend introduced me to the Darius Rucker song, "It won't be like this for long." Makes me cry. Every time.

I already received my mother's day gift a little early this year, but here are a few other things I've had my eye on lately...

one / two / three / four / five six

one Paisley Print Boho Dress
two Zodiac ring with the babe's astrology sign
three Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir- hints of raspberry, plum and lily
four Beach ready with a coral turkish towel
five A new diaper bag replacement?
six White Hydrangea in a birch pot

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