29 April 2016


Sweet P at One Month

Pippa is on the move! She is quite the wiggle worm when being held, and she learned to crawl this month. P already loves trying to chase Lola, and it won't be long before she's pulling on her tail. Baby proofing the house and installing safety gates are at the top of Mommy and Daddy's To Do list.

 Pippa is filled with joy and breaks into a smile countless times throughout the day. She has a grin that lights up her entire face, and she wrinkles her nose when she smiles. Pippa is ticklish and giggles and squirms nonstop when we blow raspberries on her belly. Playing peekaboo and silly faces also get her giggling.  

Even though Pippa doesn't have any teeth quite yet, we expect to see some pearly whites soon. We have been lucky so far-- She is drooling and chewing on everything in arms reach, but she continues to have a cheerful disposition. She uses a pacifier at night and chews on it to soothe her gums. She doesn't have words yet but babbles and makes a "puh" sound that Mommy is convinced is either an attempt to mimic her name or give kisses. 


She continues to love the KidzLodge where she has been working on sign language, going on stroller rides, learning songs and nursery rhymes and doing art projects. They also had a theme every Wednesday- Pajama Day, Sports Gear Day, Wear Blue Day and Tropical Day. The teachers at the Lodge have Pippa on a great schedule, where she takes two naps a day lasting anywhere from 1/2 hour to two hours. At night, she will go to sleep around 7 pm, wake once to feed around 5:30 am, and then sleep until 7:15-ish. 

Pippa is finally really starting to eat solids, and she seems to enjoy mashed up bananas and pureed apples. She typically has five to six 6.5 oz bottles per day plus 1/4 to 1/2 of a container of fruits or vegetables. Although we initially started mixing rice or oatmeal in with her fruits and veggies, she's not a fan of the cereal. We're still waiting for the funny faces when she begins to express her preference for certain foods.

Likes: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Climbing on Mom and Dad, 1-2-3 Up and being pulled into a standing position, Airplane, Baths, Lola
Dislikes: Diaper changes, Getting into the Car Seat, Loud Noises

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