28 May 2016


Pippa with Gramps and Stormy
 Another month has flown by with Sweet P! At every phase, I say I wish I could stop time…but then Pippa learns a new skill or another part of her personality shines through. And my heart swells as I realize that each stage just gets better. This month is no exception-- Pippa has become quite the happy, charismatic, curious, and loving little girl.


Auntie K

Pippa is crawling and standing up by grabbing and leaning on furniture. It won't be long before she stands on her own and takes her first steps. She observes and explores constantly, and she loves pulling at zippers and tags and squishing new foods in her fist. Quite the little chatterbox, Pippa babbles with babababa and mommommomomom as her favorite words (I don’t think she associates mommomomomom with me yet though!). She's developed a sweet and friendly side to her personality blowing kisses, clapping and waving. She enjoys tubby time with her squeaky rubber duck and loves splashing! Hopefully she will have just as much time swimming in the lake this summer. 


Pippa smiles with her whole face by showing her four little bottom teeth and wrinkling up her nose. Her first tooth came through on May 17, and she has taken teething like a champ.While teething rings and terrycloth chew toys are never far from her mouth, her pacifier is her favorite way to ease discomfort. With her new chompers, Pip has been eating solids three times a day. Peanut butter and bananas elicit the loudest mmmmm's. At her last doctor’s appointment about a week ago, she weighed 16 lbs. 15 oz. She’s still petite at 23% in weight.  

If you couldn't tell just by looking at her, Pippa is surely a DeSantis. Fun fact: Like her Daddy, bright sunlight makes her sneeze. There will be lots of ah-choos coming later this month when we take our first family vacation to Cape Cod.  

Visit with Auntie Kara
Birthday party with the M Family
Mother’s Day Brunch 
First real boat ride of the summer

Pippa with Meme

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