31 December 2013

2013: Year in Photos

For Christmas, the Sailor usually makes a Snapfish photo album with highlights of the past year. Somehow time escaped us though, and there's no album for 2013. So... here's how we improvise!

January 2013
We kicked off the New Year with a snow shoe hike with friends. And I started in a bright new direction professionally.

February 2013
Mid-winter escape to Puerto Villarta

March 2013
 All about country! Country music in the Capital Region and a quick trip to Nashville

April 2013

I ran a lot. One half marathon done in April and one in May.

May 2013
CT for CLM's christening and a lovely party

June 2013

  Girls Getaway to New York City!


July 2013

The Sailor's 29th birthday

August 2013

Dates on the greens...

This sweet little girl turned 1!

September 2013
Wedding in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

October 2013

Roadtrip to Rye, NY to meet this handsome little guy for the first time...

Followed by a classic autumn day at the pumpkin patch in Connecticut

November 2013

Welcome to our family, Lola!

December 2013
Another special christening

ACK Take 2: Christmas Stroll

All of these photos lead me to one of my New Year's resolutions--Learn how to take better pictures! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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