27 December 2013

Making PETA Proud

As I mentioned previously, we did some serious shopping on Nantucket, which made Christmas gifts easy for the Sailor. I picked out 90% of my presents, and he didn't even have to wrap them! This year, Santa's sack was packed full of Fabulous Furs from The Lovely.

As soon as I stepped into the store, I fell in love with this faux mink poncho in mahogany. I NEEDED it! It's so snuggly soft and lined with velvet. I'll live in this thing this winter! Still thinking about ways to style it though. Not so sure that I can pull off the tall boots with the poncho. 

We picked up this emerald cropped jacket on our second visit to the Lovely over Christmas Stroll weekend. I went in to buy a hat and came out with...more than just a hat. The fur's admittedly a little over the top for every day wear, but it's perfect for special occasions.

A girl never can have enough fur! The eye mask that the Sailor bought me many moons ago has seen better days, so we replaced it with one of these fuzzy masks.  The verdict is still out on it -- I think it makes my eyes a little itchy.

The best thing about all this faux fur- it's machine washable! I'm so over sending stuff out to be drycleaned.

I spent yesterday putting away Christmas gifts and tidying up around the house. To avoid accumulating too much stuff, I really try to adhere to the one item in, one item out rule. But yesterday was an utter failure. Guess that means I better plan a weekend to clean the closets, drawers and clutter!

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