13 November 2013

Three things 'round here: Eat, Be, Go

Three things I am super excited about these days...

Mini Kind Bars- Thanks to Courtney from Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life for blogging about these! I have become such a huge fan of Kind bars, especially since I found out about their Kind movement. Every month Kind supports a project with $10,000 to turn an idea to make the world a kinder place into reality. From rebuilding a firefighters home to mentoring youth to making fresh, healthy food available to inner city neighborhoods, the Kind movement is all about making the world a better place. Collective awwww! Vote for your favorite project here. Totally inspiring!

The Almond Coconut are deeevine! They're almost like an Almond Joy...minus the chocolate but even more delicious (how does that work???)

Well Being In the past few months, I've made a real effort to improve my health. It started with holistic health coaching, focused on nutrition and clean eating. The program also helped me set some realistic, healthy goals and create a roadmap for overall wellness.


That roadmap set the path for me to cut way back on cardio for a number of reasons including the fact that excess cardio increases cortisol and leads to chronic inflammation (read, the body thinks it's stressed all the time). At the same time, I've tried to maintain my overall fitness through walking, yoga and strength training. Do I miss long runs and the psychological benefits? Absolutely. But I know that this is what's right for my body now.

I've improved my nutrition, thanks to an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies from Field Goods, and I've tried cutting out preservatives, sugar, dairy, legumes, grain and alcohol (well, to be totally truthful I've allowed myself some flexibility on the weekends).

I've also made a commitment to acupuncture. Once a week. Religiously. I couldn't have summed up the benefits any better than this article "13 Ways Acupuncture Can Change Your Life." That's a bold statement for sure, but I agree with all of it.

The biggest accomplishment on the mind/body wellness journey though - I quit soda.Yep, I used to be one of those people who drank soda morning, noon and night. In college, I'd bring my Nalgene to the dining hall and fill it with Coke. Hundreds of calories every day! After college, I made the switch to diet soda, and more recently, Coke Zero has been the vice. I felt silly announcing my achievement to friends and family. After all, it was just a Coke Zero habit, not booze, drugs or tobacco addiction... Well, I felt silly until I read about this vegan, triathlete, cardiologist who also struggled with giving up Coke Zero! Nice to know I wasn't alone!

Nantucket Noel  Another holiday season is upon us! The gift guides are starting to come out. The radio stations are playing Christmas music. All the stores have out Christmas decorations. 41 days until Christmas to be exact! The Sailor and I will be kicking off the season with the Nantucket Stroll in a couple of weeks.

We're planning to enjoy the decorative storefronts, tree lighting, caroling, crafts, theatrical performances and a holiday house tour. Best of all, the Sailor will get to experience the newly-discovered American Seasons!  

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