20 November 2013


...Lola! With heavy heart, I have accepted that my furry companion of thirteen years is most likely not going to return home. Both the Sailor and I had been struggling with the empty feeling in our house without Murph for the past month, and although he will never be replaced, we've opened our home and hearts to this sweet little girl...

Lola gets her name from our sushi restaurant, which happens to be in Nantucket. We've already made dinner reservations for Christmas Stroll weekend, and I'm counting down the days!

Lola came from a shelter in Tennessee and lived with her local 'foster' family for just hours before we adopted her. She wasn't apprehensive about checking out her new home, even though experts suggest introducing kittens to a new space slowly, room-by-room, giving them the chance to retreat to their carrier if they get scared. Instead, Lola bounced right out of her carrier and began exploring every nook and cranny right away!


She's fearless! And she plays and purrs NON-STOP! The biggest adjustment so far has been surviving on a lack of sleep. Lola has decided that her favorite place to sleep is either in the crook of my neck or on my pillow- So loving, but I wake up a dozen times a night!

She's a sweetheart, and the Sailor is just smitten with her!

"Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" is without a doubt going to be the anthem around here!   

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