03 April 2013

Style Envy: Aerin Lauder

Let's talk about Aerin Lauder for a moment. First of all, the spelling of her name- Jealous! I know half a dozen people named Erin but not one Aerin. I would have preferred if my parents named me Summer in honor of my birthday on the first day of Summer, but I had no say in the matter. So, I guess Erin is okay for me.

Anyway, I think Aerin Lauder was destined for greatness from day one because of her name.

The cosmetics queen may be the heir to the Estee Lauder fortune and have the looks of a model, but she also has brains and an incredible work ethic that she learned from her grandmother. Earlier in her career, she ran the creatives for the company including global advertising, and she launched her own brand, Aerin, in mid-2012. 

Design and color are in Aerin's blood, so it comes as no surprise that her living spaces are breath-taking. This month's Elle features Aerin's gorgeous home-- Rather one of her gorgeous homes in Manhattan. She has two others in the Hamptons and Aspen. 

Check out this wall paper! 

Hello beautiful highlights and glossy locks! And Oscar de la Renta top... I'd wear that every day!

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Aerin and revealed that she's a woman after my own heart when it comes to her beverage of choice. Her New Year's resolution was to stop drinking so much Diet Coke. Ah, we all have our vices...

In March 2013, Aerin added to her eponymous line that includes beauty products, home decor, accessories and now SHOES!

One of my favorite things about Aerin is that her personal style seems so effortless. "It’s a treat for Lauder to be a homebody here in worn-in Levi’s, Sorel boots, J.Crew men’s flannel shirts, and Ralph Lauren vintage ski sweaters..."

Via Vogue

Loving that caftan! 

LBD and mega bling

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