27 March 2013

Bad Moon on the Rise

In the words of CCR's John Fogarty, "I see the bad moon arising. I see trouble on its way."


I've always been a big believer in astrology. It all started when I was in high school, and each morning, I would eat breakfast and read the newspaper (yep, key word paper). The first thing I would always turn to would be the horoscope column by Jacqueline Bigar. As my dad (Big T) was fixing his coffee or lunch for the day, I'd announce, "It's a five star day." Or, on the worst of days, "It's a two star day." Jacqueline never wrote that anyone would have a one star day-- phew! Big T would laugh, thinking I was silly for believing that stuff.  But as foolish as it he thought it was, he knew he had his fair warning from a moody teen (i.e. steer clear if it's a two star day).

Sooooo, I am holding my breath today. Cancer's March horoscope from Astrologyzone (the most accurate in my opinion), today is a day to stay in bed and hide...

"The full moon in Libra 7 degrees, due on March 27, will be a quite a monster, because it will receive a direct opposition from Uranus, indicating a woman, possibly your mother, will be in distress or ask for your assistance. At the same time, Uranus will conjunct the Sun and possibly cause your earned income or savings to gyrate. The moon is your ruler, dear Cancer, so all full moons will have a greater than usual influence on you than most. When a full moon (or a new moon) is beneficial, you receive many more rewards than the other signs. Like the old fashioned poem, the moon is like the little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead, and when she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid. As said, the full moon on March 27 will be under siege from Uranus, so you may have some concern over a parent or family situation, or concerning a real estate or residence matter...If you were born on or within five days of June 26, you will likely feel the most pressure at this full moon."

"A residential matter or one involving a dear family member may bring sudden jarring news, however, when thunder clouds move at the full moon March 27, one of the most difficult points of 2013. Something at home is coming to critical mass, but when it does, you may say afterward that you never saw it coming. No one can prepare for what's up, which is part of the reason just about everyone will have problems with this full moon. You will have to attend to this real estate, home, or family matter immediately."

And in trolling the internet for a better outlook on today, I luckily found something a little bit positive...Here's the NY Post's prediction, and I sure hope that it's right that there's little to really worry about!


  • Posted: 12:00 AM, March 27, 2013

Both career and family matters may be under heavy influences at the moment but in a matter of days you will realize there was precious little to really be worried about. A sense of humor is a must.

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