15 April 2013

Spectacular Saturday

It was such a treat to have the Sailor around this weekend! He usually ends up working at least one day on the weekend, but we finally got to spend both Saturday and Sunday together. I had a long run planned Saturday as part of training for the Dragonfly Adventure's Make It a Great Day half-marathon next month.

I have a love-hate relationship with running. Lately, I've logged more bad days than good on the pavement (or treadmill). So, I really wasn't looking forward to waking up Saturday to run ten miles in 40 degree overcast weather. I told myself I just had to do six, and...well, I wouldn't reach my goal, but it would be better than zero. I got to six and knew I could run the ten miles planned for the day. I got to ten and figured I was pretty close to 13.1. And I did it. 13.1- DONE.

And then...the big reward! The Sailor and I went to lunch at Max London's in Saratoga. I re-hydrated with Tito's and club soda and re-fueled with a cheeseburger. So good!

After our late lunch, we headed over to the Thirsty Owl for some wine tasting. Can't beat five tastings for $5.00. The Thirsty Owl is a new tasting room and soon-to-be restaurant in a renovated Victorian building. The owners have hired a chef and are building the kitchen around his specifications. I'll take that as a sign it's going to have good food! The restaurant is scheduled to open in early-June and is sure to be mobbed until after Labor Day given the crowds that come to Saratoga for the racing scene.


The tasting room now offers twenty different kinds of wine plus one ice wine. It's easy to understand why some of their whites are award winning, but the reds leave a little something to be desired. Neither the Sailor nor I liked any of the five or so we sampled between the two of us. But we did come home with a few bottles of white including a dry reisling and chardonnay that are both pretty light and refreshing! 

Continuing the spirit of gluttony reward, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things to make one of my favorite dinners. 


Sunday was spent grocery shopping, prepping for work this week, making Energy Bites (recipe to come) and watching the Masters. Now, I'm bracing myself for a whirlwind week and counting down to opening that reisling next Friday night. Happy Monday! 

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