25 July 2014

Fashion Friday - #NSale and Neiman's Fall Trends

Glad you stopped by! It's Friday, and I have fashion on my mind. Everyone in the blogosphere has been posting their favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale buys. Thought I'd join in with a list of what's on the way to my doorstep...affordable "necessities" from Nordstrom.

Then, I followed up with a couple of items from the Neiman Marcus fall trend preview that shall remain on my wish list-- unless we hit it big playing the ponies at the Saratoga Race Track this weekend!

With over 1,000 reviews and 4 1/2 stars, these leggings have to be good! At $34.00, they were a STEAL!

No list of favorites would be complete without leopard print! I have my leopard print Soludos for the summer, and this pair of pumps will complete the animal print shoe collection...don't hold me to it though! A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes or too much animal print.

I ordered these in both black and navy. I've been on a navy kick this summer and ordered them in navy first. Buuuut after considering my fall wardrobe and the lack of navy, I placed an order for the black, which will be more versatile.

Not sure about these, but the beauty of shopping Nordstrom is free shipping both ways. While that sounds great in theory, it usually means I buy twice as much, thinking that some of it will go back... Am I alone?

Neiman Marcus Wish List

I'm not excited for fall. Not one bit. I like fall enough but I dread what comes after it. Despite that fact, I could live in this beautiful crocheted sweater once the cooler weather comes our way. 

Totally over the top, but I love it. For $7500, you too can look chic in a goat fur jacket.

More Stella McCartney to love! I could wear this dress with the navy Sam Edelman heels above...

Happy weekend, friends!

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