09 June 2014

30 Summer Days

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2014 was to learn how to take better photographs. I haven't done much toward accomplishing it-- But I did recently get a new iphone with a better camera than my old phone. It's a start. The picture quality is encouraging, but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to composition, angles, focus, de-cluttering the background, symmetry, pretty much everything!

Since June is my favorite month of the year and it's been awhile since I took part in a "challenge", I thought it would be fun to do Tina's June Photo-A-Day Challenge. I figured that it would at the very least get me in the mindset of thinking about opportunities to take photographs and get me in tune with all the beauty around me.

So, how did week one of the challenge go?

1. Rabbit, rabbit- What brings you good luck?The Sailor and I played golf with a friend, and it happened  to be this golf tee. The ball...unfortunately not so lucky.

 2. Monday- Ugh! What's keeping you going today?
Starbucks cool lime refresher. Have you tried one yet? Lime with hints of mint and cucumber- plus green coffee bean extract for that little energy boost. I'll definitely be sipping on more of these this summer!

3. Who made you smile today today?
Always. What an angel!

4. Look up. What do you see?
Irises on a walk around the neighborhood.


5.#TBT. Share a photo from a past summer trip. 
Nantucket 2011. 

6. National Donut Day. Snap a pic celebrating! Or what did you have instead?
There were some photos of really yummy donuts on several blogs. I resisted all that sugary goodness though and shared some prosciutto, olives, mushrooms and dolmadas.

7. Saturday- What are you up to?
Boating and watching The Sailor catch fish. 

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