03 June 2014

Garden Party

Happy June! Life got away from me last week! Both the Sailor and I were super busy but also pretty productive. Lots of exciting news to share though. We finally made some decisions about landscaping the yard and put down a deposit to reserve our date. It won't be done until the end of June (bummer!), but I am happy that we moved forward.

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Our biggest problem is that we have too much shade-- Solid, tall oak and pine trees. The trees provide wonderful privacy and were definitely a feature that sold us on the house, but it's tough to get much to grow...including grass. Add to that problem the acidic soil from the pine trees, and our yard needs some professional help!

Here are some pics that represent what I'm hoping that the landscaping company can replicate...

Shade Garden: Notice the combination of rock, water and greenery  creates a shade garden is both moving and anchored in serenity.

Fountains = Serenity. Take me there now!

working on planting under my pine trees. Love the combination of different shade loving Hostas!

A beautiful secret hiding spot with pops of color in the potted flowers... 

Shade garden - I really like the stone edging!

This is a little busy for my taste, but the different heights of planters and 
stone edging are things to keep in mind when we create our design. 

Back Yard Hostas -     Native to eastern   Asia, hosta came to the United States in the 1800s. Hostas are prized in the   shade garden for their large leaves in different shapes and colors of green,   deep blue or creamy variegated.

More hostas! We already have some hostas surrounding one of the 
larger beds in the backyard, and they do really well in the shade. 

Lovely shade garden

This is the perfect combo of plants, rocks, and trees.

Peaceful Buddha, outside

I think that the water garden/ fountain is a long shot,
but this would be a calm oasis. 

Any thoughts about what plants grow best in the shade?

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