18 September 2013

ACK: Stripes on the Horizon

I happened to be flipping through N magazine on Nantucket and spotted an ad for Peter Beaton. I've had a St. James pullover on my wish list for awhile, but the striped shirt in the ad caught my eye anyway. So the first stop on my (first of many) shopping excursion (s) was Peter Beaton's.


I'm a little late (or early?) on the striped shirt trend, which periodically pops up in the fashion world. The French style mariniere pullover shirt was first worn by low ranking sailors and again made a resurgence at fashion week a few years ago. Anyone who wears the mariniere is in good company-- Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Coco Chanel has embraced the clean, crisp lines. And the always effortlessly chic Gwyneth  recently sported one on the cover of her book.


Before I digress on a Gwyneth tangent...As it turns out, Peter Beaton has a great story behind it. A true Nantucket Brand, Peter Beaton, is first and foremost a hat studio that offers custom, straw chapeaus for men and women. 

The shop's other products include polo shirts, rainboots, belts, sailbags and sunglasses. The best part is that customers can feel good about their purchases since Peter Beaton is a supporter of three worthy philanthropic causes- clean drinking water, water quality in Nantucket harbor and a wheelchair biking program designed to re-connect older people with their community and the outdoors.

Continuing the stripe theme, I also picked up a black and white horizontal striped jacket and the silk boatneck dress with a circles and stripes pattern at Skirtin' Around (see both below). Fun additions to my fall wardrobe! 

I'll spare you the exhaustive details of my shopping trip...I'll just finish by saying that it wasn't nearly as successful as one of my previous missions there, but I did benefit from some great sales! 

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