07 June 2013

Celebrating Three Years

Been a busy week around here! On Wednesday, the Sailor and I celebrated our third anniversary with a special dinner at the place where we were married.

We started the evening by sitting on the dock and having a cocktail...

The view was pretty spectacular, but we ended up moving from the terrace to an inside table in front of the fireplace. No complaints-- it was very romantic, and the food was delicious!

Before we even left the house though, we were starving. It was a celebration (i.e. free-for-all eating fest), so we ended up sharing a cupcake-- Dessert before dinner!

I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  We never did freeze and eat a left-over piece of wedding cake on our first anniversary as is the tradition of so many people, but the cupcakes replicated the flavors of our special day. Must admit-- I cheated and used the Duncan Hines Decadent Red Velvet Cupcake Mix. Our sweet treat was pretty tasty though, even with the substitution of applesauce for vegetable oil.


We opened some presents while we indulged... The Sailor isn't the easiest person to shop for, but I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to get him as an anniversary gift. We've decided to try to do a little more golfing this summer, and a couple of weeks ago, the Sailor mentioned that he wanted some new clubs. Of course, he hasn't picked any out yet, so I improvised...(Sorry for the terrible pics! All of the boxes spell out Happy Anniversary) Each box held a golf ball, a "fortune" listing a reason I love him, and some cash for the clubs.

The traditional wedding gift for a third anniversary is something crystal or glass, but I got something even better! After giving me what he called a "boring" and "practical" present (a gym bag- maybe boring, but very much needed!), the Sailor surprised me with this beautiful  Lauren G. Adams pendant. He has such great taste!

Off to New York City for a Girlfriend Getaway on this rainy weekend. What are your plans?

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