13 July 2012

Summer Lovin': Refinery 29

Latest shopping obsession (actually just browsing obsession so far): Refinery 29. Have you heard of it? I headed over there upon the recommendation of Sarah, the uber-talented blogger behind Note to Self (Check that out too. Some day, my blog will look as pretty as Sarah's!)

Find uplifting quotes like this on Note to Self 
I can't even begin to tell you about all of the cool features of Refinery 29. Well, I guess I can start with the fact that you can enter to win a $2,000 shopping spree just for signing up for their email newsletter. And I would have done that anyway! My first email from Refinery 29 was titled, "Fake a Sexier Body: 7 trends that are so flattering." Yes, please! Any help in the body image department is welcome!

Via BeautyXOXO

"Refinery29 is ... a website that serves as a global style hub." So, it's fashion and beauty tips, DIY instructions, trends, foodie delights, interviews with famous designers, and a little bit Groupon-esque.

If I was a shopper-- which I am NOT-- today's pick for me would be the 50% off vouchers for Burke Decor. Pay $200, get $400 in credit. I'd put it toward the Elwynn Bench, which is a steep $4,365.00. I don't love it as much as the bench from Anthropologie that I still long for though. And, in case you're wondering where someone would put something like the Elwynn bench, I'm still thinking about how I could make it fit into the decor of the new house. The Anthro bench on the other hand... sigh

Elwynn from Burke Decor

Cotswold from Anthropologie

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