07 July 2012

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Tipple Trolley

There's the fancy bar cart from Society Social-- or rather one of the fancy bar carts-- that I've been coveting for our dining room.

And, you may spy the super-handy citrus squeezer there too.

The Sailor has been using the citrus squeezer ( "contraption") to make some mean margaritas this summer. He's ditched the Jose Cuervo mix in favor of this simple (all natural?) recipe:

Fill a tall glass with ice.
Fill 1/3 full with tequila.
Add 1 tablespoon of agave.
Add the juice of one whole lime.

Oh, and here are the other bar carts I'm in love with... The Madison Mixer, shown here in gold/white. It comes in eleven different colors, including purple, orange, and turquoise, if white is too blah for you. 

Madison Mixer

I think that my favorite is the Sedgewick with bamboo designs on the sides.

And the multi-purpose bar cart, The Double. Doesn't it make a great accent table?

The Double

It's the weekend. What are you serving up on your bar cart? 

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