02 March 2012

Dress Up: Better Late than Never

So, everyone already has forgotten about the Oscars...except for Angie's right leg, which people will not stop talking about. That woman is too much. Anyway, there was so much hype and then it was over and done in a flash. Not in my mind though! I am still swooning over a couple of looks -- particularly this one that is just so Hollywood glam. 

Milla Jovovich had my favorite dress of the night. And how 'bout that bling! I loved everything about this look.  It was so classic -- red lips, pin curls, and a sparkly gown. 

Oddly enough, her dress is reminiscent of her one shoulder look from one of her first big films, the Return to the Blue Lagoon.

Here's another one shoulder look on Michelle Obama at the Governor's Ball...Neema Khan designed the dress made of taffeta and sequins. Unfortunately, there are limited photos of it, but the bead work on the top is certainly beautiful.


While there were lots of neutral colored gowns to admire on Milla, Mrs. Obama, Gwennie, JLo, Rooney Mara, Octavia Spencer, Kristen Wiig, there were a couple of bright ones that were just stunning....

This is a shade of green rarely seen on the Red Carpet, and boy, did Viola Davis wear it well! 

How much fun would it be to be friends with these girls? Didn't love Cameron Diaz's neutral dress at the Oscars, but the orange number at the  Vanity Fair after party number was a show stopper. 

The front was fitted and low-cut, but the back had the real eye-catching detail. The long stripe down the back made her look so tall and lean, yet also showed off her curves.

The entertainment shows are reporting that all of the stars were juicing to drop weight for the awards show. I'm uncertain how I feel about that fad, but I'm willing to try it if the vacation pudge doesn't budge soon!

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