29 February 2012

PVR: Vaca recap

There's nothing like time at the beach to relax and rejuvinate. Last week, we were lucky to be able to visit my parents who are vacationing  in Nuevo Villarta. It's a loooong trip from the northeast to the middle of Mexico, all the way on the Pacific Coast. But once you get there, it's just heaven.


Our days were spent reading, tanning, swimming, running, drinking margaritas...No day trips. No jungle tours. No swimming with the dolphins. Nada. Just the beach and pool.

One cloudy afternoon, our big venture out was to go into the Puerto Villarta, where we got our cultural fix. The town of Puerto Villarta holds many memorites for me, because my family vacationed there for over a decade when I was growing up. It's changed so much since I was last there about five or six years ago. One of my favorite spots is the "the Malecon", a boardwalk lined with shops, restaurants and art. 


While in town, we searched high and low for a new pair of python cowboy boots, but nothing caught my eye. Once we returned home, I decided I'd prefer a pair of these crocodile kicks anyway--

The Sailor was deprived of his chance to go to a traditional Mexican fiesta, since Mom, Big T and I have already been to one (or rather many). His only form of cultural enrichment was seeing these native Mayan dancers preparing to perform a rain dance.  


Similarly, we didn't make it to the real Mayan pyramids, which are in fact located closer to the Yucatan on the other side of the country ...but we got to see some replicas... the "pyramid" below housed restrooms though. 

And of course, we never missed an opportunity to eat or drink -- everyone knows that calories don't count on vacation! 

Best margaritas: The River Cafe, located right along the River Cuale is described as offering: "Serene refuge of soothing sounds, soothing colors and sophisticated flavors where the flow of the river came the talk of the guests as the unveil the secrets of good wine and good food." 

Best food: La Palapa was my favorite restaurant when my family vacationed in PV many years ago, and I was thrilled it still holds that numero uno spot! And it's so romantic too... I loved being able to share that with the Sailor. We're already thinking about our trip next year! 

PS: So funny! If you know anything about PV, it's that you're stalked by timeshare salespeople from the moment you step into the PVR airport until you depart. This sign at a bar on the malecon made me laugh! 

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