19 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

Sorry for the absence this past week, but I've been preoccupied with shopping...

...for our new home! 

After many months of looking online but only a few weeks of viewing houses in person, we found the house where we will hopefully spend the next decade or so. Moving Day isn't until May-ish, which should give me plenty of time for me us to plan how we're going to decorate. 

I've already found plenty of inspiration. Now, the challenge will be to get the Sailor to agree to the pastel color palette that I think will bring serenity to our new space.

It's doubtful the Sailor will give me full creative license, especially after he sees photos of my "vision" for the new abode. This chandelier and pretty aqua tablescape would be perfection. But I think he'd probably be more on board with something neutral...

No house is a home unless it's complete with a safari print! So, it might be pillows or it might be a rug, but you can bet that there will be zebra or leopard or cheetah (or all three) somewhere in the new casa.

Two of my favorite things about the new house are the soon-to-be library and the wraparound porch. The current "game room" is going to be renovated to be a library. We'll finally have someplace to store all of the books that we've moved from apartment to apartment, where they've remained boxed up for lack of space.

The wraparound porch was pretty high on my list of "must haves" when we began looking for a house, but I'd just about given up on the idea of a perfect porch before we found our house. We already eat dinner outside on the patio of our apartment nearly every day in the spring and summer, and the new porch will be a spectacular place to start having our meals.

The next step is to finalize our closing date. Then it all will feel real!

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