21 July 2011

So Sweet

As if there aren't enough reasons to envy Dylan Lauren... Her wedding dress, featured in the August edition of Vogue, is simply stunning.

Of course, Ralph Lauren designed the "handmade duchesse satin, silk tulle, georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train" -- a NINE foot train!

The slim confectionary queen is proprietor of Dylan's Candy Bar, which has five locations and sells over 7,500 kinds of candy. Lauren's inspiration for the retail sugary wonderland was inspired by Willa Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Despite the fact that she even has a Barbie designed after her,  Dylan is seemingly very down-to-earth and well-balanced. She confesses to eating something sweet after every meal; yet she's very conscious of having a healthy lifestyle and remaining active by walking, playing tennis and working out at the gym regularly.

To learn more about how Dylan built her candy empire, view an interview that reveals her entrepeneurial secrets on Obsessed TV with Samantha Ettus.

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