26 July 2011

Fun Find: What's Your Color?

Since stumbling across Paper Source in Georgetown several years ago, it's been my go-to place for everything from supplies for our wedding table cards to office organization tools.

Seating cards for our wedding

Paper Source's PS Blog also has tons of creative craft ideas to keep kids busy , create beautiful handmade cards, and host unforgettable parties.


If you love astrology (or find Myers-Briggs fascinating), try Paper Source's Colorscope. Pick the colors that most appeal to you to learn more about yourself...

The two I chose are...

You are able to gently say the
things that your friends need to
hear. You have a lovely smile
but you need to smile much
more often. You are too serious
and you need to be more
tolerant of failure–both in
yourself and in others


You have a classic style, are
a romantic, easy to love, and
people find you appealing.
Some may think of you as quiet,
but you are really thinking
deeply about what is going on
around you, and then coming
up with the perfect solution

Shocking, I know!

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