17 February 2011

Four Eyes

In recent years, glasses have become very in vogue -- worn more as a fashion accessory than as a necessity.

Not so in my world. I'm pretty close to legally blind without corrective lenses, so I've worn glasses since second grade. Blame it on my pops-- Bad genes.

Big T, circa 1955

My first pair of glasses were pink with little Snoopy logos on the frames. I was one of the first kids in my class to have glasses, and despite the manufacturer's attempt to make them something sylish, they were not...

I was one awkward, ugly duckling. As Gregg Allman said, "I ain't good lookin' baby, but I'm somewhat sweet and kind." That was the only thing that saved me from being beat up on the playground or being the last person chosen for a team in gym class.  

I was lucky enough that, in sixth grade, the optometrist took pity on me and allowed me to get contact lenses a little earlier than most kids. Otherwise, I would have worn glasses and had braces at the same time. I'm sure it would have helped build lots of character, but it's hard enough being a pretty twelve year old girl. A girl with the unfortunate combination of glasses and braces is guaranteed to have an up-hill battle with self-esteem for many years.

So, I struggled with special contacts in the beginning. My parents were exceptionally patient and generous, helping to look for countless dropped lenses and dishing out lots of money when I repeatedly tore those special lenses I had to have. My vision has grown progressively worse over the years, as to be expected, and lately I've been having lots of trouble seeing while driving at night.

Upon a recommendation, I went to a new optometrist, who took lots of time to help solve my problem. She's not only the best eye doctor I've ever been to (and I've visited many) but her style reminds me of the Mignot sisters of gypset fame. She has incredible fashion sense, and I'm a big admirer of her wardrobe.

She introduced me to a new brand and fit of contact lenses that promise to change my world. I mean, they must, since I dedicated a whole blog post to the topic. They're super thin and magically keep my eyes hydrated, which makes them the most comfortable lens I've ever experienced. 

For all of you contact lens wearers out there, you must try the new Acuvue TruEye dailies.

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